Business Development & Management

In today’s uncertain business environment, MMC charts the strategy for all our affiliate companies, always seeking to deliver our superior products to the hands of waiting customers. MMC acts swiftly and decisively on business opportunities, achieving a balance of growth and always being next to our user base.

Product Development & Design

Across the MMC is the heart of our innovation hub, housing our best product development experts and designers. Our teams work together to solve meaningful product design & development problems. Understanding what the consumers want and what the consumers need is what makes us successful.

Project Management & Logistic

MMC provides integrated logistical solutions to our customers across the project scope, from the moment our product is realized in manufacturing all the way to the time it reaches the hands of our customer.

History of Meyer

Meyer was founded in Hong Kong in 1951.  In the early days, we produced for export various kinds of metal consumer products, such as flashlights, lanterns, hinges, ashtrays, tennis rackets, etc.  It was not until the early 70’s that we ventured into non-stick aluminum cookware business.  Because of the success we enjoyed, in 1980, we decided to go also into stainless steel cookware.  Then through our innovative effort, we expanded into the hard-anodized business and introduced into the U.S. the world’s first hard anodized non-stick cookware line, Circulon, in 1986, thereby creating a new gourmet cookware category.  Throughout the years, Meyer has continued to put efforts and resources into developing various kinds of cookware.  Today, Meyer is one of the biggest cookware companies in the world.

Global network

As consumers around the world demand Meyer cookware, the need for a central coordinator of the business appeared. With MMC as the pivotal hub, Meyer companies around the world linked up in a global supply chain, from the factories in Thailand, China, Italy, and the United States, to the many distribution arms around the world, MMC links these disparate companies up and provides the logistical and sales coordination to ensure on time delivery and attentive customer service.

Company Value

Here in Meyer, our values drive our people, and our people drive our business. Top to bottom, we act out our company values of Customer Satisfaction, Excellence, Accountability, Innovation, Collaboration, and Continual Improvement. With these values, we work to bring the company to higher and better places.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Our company follows a strict code of conduct and ethics with no excuses.


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